2012 – A GOOD YEAR

2012 - A GOOD YEAR

2012 was an incredibly busy and fun year. A new series of Fireman Sam, a new studio, a fantastic trip to the UK and USA and a whole new raft of commissions for 2013. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2013 and I look forward to posting alot more interesting stuff here in the months ahead.


Tis a tad windy here at Signal Hill Studio.  The sea is pounding the cliffs and I think the wind must be coming directly from Antarctica because it is absolutely freezing!  On the music side, I’ve started work on a new TV series with Matchbox Pictures in Melbourne.  A brilliant kids animation that I will be able to discuss later down the track.  Looking forward to having lots of fun with that. I’m also chugging along with my new album…drawing inspiration from the Gorillaz, Takemitsu and Messiaen.  Yep…a bit of a mixture, but I have something special in mind…so far so good.

Here is a pic of my studio view.


Signal Hill Studio Up and Running.

Signal Hill Studio is based in Vaucluse, Sydney and overlooks the Tasman Sea/Pacific Ocean. A storm came through today and I forgot to close the windows…I now have one very wet carpet.

There’s been 3 waterspouts in the past 2 years. This hopefully will make for interesting and inspired music…with just a hint of danger.

Here’s a photo of one of the waterspouts.