Its been a while since I last posted.  I’ve been busy with the latest series of Fireman Sam. At the moment I am working on series 9 and have just finished my 100th ep.  That’s a significant milestone…over 10 hours of Fireman Sam music!  I will also be working on the new feature film that is due to start in May 2014.  Epic!


The hero next door, Fireman Sam.


Tom, the Aussie helicopter pilot.


I’ve been composing a fair bit for animation lately.  The latest series to come through the studio door is Zuzu and the Supernuffs, a very funny, futuristic, punk-girl tweenies TV show.  Here is the plot outline:

“ZuZu Becky-Jones lives with her Uncle Sirius at the Sirius Unlimited Factory. Each day she sends her Intergalactic Brainwave Vlog (video log) out into the universe, hoping to be saved from a far too serious life. But on this particular day when 4 furry Nuffs – Good Nuff, BuffNuff, SmartNuff and CuteNuff crash land their space tub into ZuZu’s bathroom it is the beginning of a magNUFFicent adventure.

Nuffs are magical, cosmic thought-cleaners who keep the multiverse clean of Splurkle out amongst the stars. Splurkle is a black grungy mind fog that floats through the multiverse and comes from all the stinky thinking here on Earth (or Planet NOTNuff as the Nuffs call it). When the Splurkle reaches noxious levels and starts to threaten Planet Nuff, four brave Nuffs; GoodNuff, SmartNuff, CuteNuff and BuffNuff – are sent by WiseNuff, into outer space, to find the source of the splurkle and clean it up once and for all.”

I went for a retro 80’s arpeggiated synth sound to match the style of the visuals and the pace of the action.  I also wanted something that was cool, bent, synth orientated and NOT your typical rock n roll, kids music.  Here’s a couple of pics from the show…I had a lot of fun working on this!


Character line up!


Getting down!


Zuzu Becky Jones.


Since moving to Vaucluse and living on the clifftops overlooking the Tasman Sea, my imagination has been very much inspired by my beautiful surroundings. Clouds, birds, wild weather and the ocean are all very much part of my life now.

Japanese woodblock prints from the early part of the 20th century perfectly capture the way I feel about nature and the environment.  So I have started my own collection of original prints.  These now adorn my studio walls.  Here are a few of my favourite:





2012 – A GOOD YEAR

2012 - A GOOD YEAR

2012 was an incredibly busy and fun year. A new series of Fireman Sam, a new studio, a fantastic trip to the UK and USA and a whole new raft of commissions for 2013. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 2013 and I look forward to posting alot more interesting stuff here in the months ahead.